Behati Prinsloo & Erin Heatherton @ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

Seems to me, these 2 are growing up.
Compare to their last few years photo, I still don’t think they have it. Coz, they technically look like teenager girls trying to act adult in the past.
Now, I might consider them as women. You can see it from their face…if you zoom the photo. Disregard the body. you’ll get what I mean.

Behati Prinsloo.
Dating another superstar Adam Levine…uhhhhuuuppmmmmm ex-VS model Anna V does catapult u to another level huhhhh? I don’t hate you, but u made it controversial. Guess everyone in the world can’t deny that. It’s fact!

Behati Prinsloo backstage


Erin Heatherton
After ending her relationship with Mr. Leo Dicaprio, he star doesn’t seem to shine much…Guess VSFS focused on others like Karlie Kloss, Lindsay, Cara Delavigne, Lais Ribeiro and always addicted till vomit Candice Swanepoel. Don’t mind my language, fact remains that as though there are no other Angels who could do the work. ***FAVOURITISM / BIAS***

Erin Heatherton2

Erin Heatherton


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