Parke & Ronen S/S 2014 at NYFW

Amazing to see how Parke & Ronen’s vision of Summer.

I love the idea that they make big contrast – can be see on the shirt with cross.
Also, the vertical stripe colours of the sunga / bañadores that was presented.
They even made summer a very sweet passionate sensation with the 2 toned colour Pink & Red on the pants.
Amazing work!

Here are some of my favourites;

Modelled by Edward Wilding
Edward Wilding - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-002-600x899

Edward Wilding - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-023-600x899

Edward Wilding - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-042-600x899

Modelled by Jack Vandergart
Jack Vandergart - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-005-600x899

Jack Vanderhart - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-024-600x899

Modelled by Kacey Carrig
Kacey Carrig - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-006-600x899

Kacey Carrig - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-025-600x899

Kacey Carrig - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-043-600x899

Modelled by Clark Bockelman
Clark Bockelman - park-and-ronen-spring-summer-2014-collection-037-600x899

Here are the selected few from the collection;










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