2 cents worth of thought.

Over the week, I bumped into a video of a person who’s a public figure internationally.
It’s funny to me that he spoke of “twerking” & “spontaneity”.

Before I begin, It’s best for me to clarify the meaning of both words.

Twerking - Meaning


I am very appalled & ashamed of that person. It’s sad that he display & carry himself like a straight man out to the world when in reality (with all of his conducts – certainly not straight!).

1 – Straight man don’t do twerking! That move is BEST left for women and gays. They are the champ in that. When they do that, they do with art & rhythm.

2 – When a straight man does it, it certainly send wrong signal out there. In short, seems to me that “Director” is exactly like a “Chocolate Queen” stated here;

3 – When he spoke of “spontaneity”, (given his work record of 2-5 years) I seriously think he’s out of choreography. No fresh ideas as all his choreographies are repeated so frequent over the years. If “spontaneity” is used as a term to invoke fun, it certainly is good. However, given his track record, obviously = out of ideas. For every dancer / choreographer, when they say spontaneity to be applied within a certain count of choreography in the music, there is an art that has to be included and not some cheapskate stuff to give it an internationally acclaimed WOW-factor! Guess both words are BIG and special to the point he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word clearly but using those words makes him look / portrayed as literate. Shame on these fools.

4 – #CHEAPSKATE – Over the past few years teaching that programme, I have noted that he copied form other choreographer & included lots of jumping just to give it his own identity, which is not cool for me. Reason being, if you’re a Director / Choreographer, you ought to produce an original self choreographed routine that is unique and not copy & paste.

5 – I’m ending the so-called dance programme on several grounds;
A) no progressive growth. Only distorted growth. When I say this, I mean knowledge in terms of art, dance, emotion and truth that will be uphold when u are in sync to the work although striving for the Utopian ideal.
B) Tagline = Now everyone can be a Group Exercise instructor and/or Presenter. Coz all they have to do now is go through an audition, good a sucking up, be very fake, say yes all the time regardless its genuity / truth and laugh at just about anything which comes out from “those peoples'” mouth whether funny/not. It’s no more about quality. Although they said about quality is maintained…read the next point.
C) Double-Standard a.k.a Selective persecution. Assessment when done on all instructors, as long as you are 1 of those stated in point B / you’re a white, u are bound to get through easily. I recalled my assessment report from some short & fat blonde creature who thinks she understands dance when I was informed she was not dance trained what else to talk about Jazz dance techniques. When I received the assessment report, it was all personal attacks & not constructive feedback according to the Co’s SOP. I read the 1st summary page & I didn’t bother to read the rest as I knew it heads to no where positive. A few months later, words spreaded around by others and it came to my ear on what occurred to other top instructors. I kept silence but acknowledged the double standard.
D) Music wise – 50%. But it’s fucking annoying & insulting the DJs & recording company when they say it’s {Company’s name} music. As though they have ownership upon the music used. Truthfully & Rationally, they purchased the licence to use the songs. Hence the ultimate right falls into the hands of the recording company, producer & DJs who produce / remix it. Seriously, [Company’s name] don’t claim what NOT yours originally.
E) Choreography – Seriously? How much of jumps must there be? Plus its choreography is very dead as it doesn’t interpret the music at all. At times, the interpretation is even WRONG! How embarrassing. To some, it does. But mostly 90% of the time, it doesn’t! It somehow made people think if the Director / Choreographer is dance trained / not. If yes, certainly not versatile in other genre but proclaiming he is. Again, a distorted truth.
F)This is in furtherance to point B, a lot of those involve in this {Company name} programmes are childish. I myself have experience so many occurrences that, a lot of them ended up not being able to converse / talk of matters out of that [Company’s name], overly sensitive, living in denial, being single and/or not straight, even married…if lasted =good. If not, divorce / separated. Most of them claim themselves as very positive / mature / bigger person. Utter bullshit! They portray themselves exactly like the “Hood Barbies – Lulu & MLE”

Oh well, I knew it wasn’t a programme which stays true to the art of dance and hence, the programme tagline changed recently to “…cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance.”

Glad to know I’ve tendered my resignation in June and I’ll officially end this fraudulent programme by end of this month.


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