Attack on youth is an insult to Islam, say Pas Youth

JULY 19, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 19, 2013 03:13 PM

The actions of a group of youth to use Islam as an excuse to assault Ng Mun Tatt has actually desecrated and insulted the religion, said Pas Youth.

Its secretary Khairul Faizi Ahmad said the abduction and assault of Ng in Shah Alam recently was unacceptable in society.

Ng held a press conference following the incident, denying that he had insulted Islam, clarifying that his abductors had scrawled words on his body to deter the public from helping him.

“What is regrettable is that the perpetrators had used the issue of religion to make their criminal act of targeting non-Muslims seem legal,” Khairul was quoted by Harakahdaily as saying.

“The criminals have not made Islam proud of their actions. In fact, it is the opposite as they have sacrificed the pride and dignity of the religion.

“Irrespective of whether the perpetrators were Muslims or not, they have caused the public at large to view Muslims with anger and disgust.”

He urged the authorities to act swiftly to bring the suspects to justice for damaging the purity of the religion and national unity.

“Islam places emphasis on peace and the safety of all its followers. Every Malaysian, regardless of whether they are Muslims or not, must be taught to preserve and respect the values of peace.”

Khairul added that no individual could be assaulted, beaten or injured just because the individual is suspected of insulting Islam.

“Islam respects all other religions in the same manner followers of other faiths respect Islam,” he added.

Khairul said the incident suffered by Ng had no connection at all to sex blogging couple Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee.

“The couple had clearly expressed their hatred and distaste for the Islamic religion and the spiritual fasting month through social networking sites. They deserve their day in court.”

He reminded all parties not to exploit the Alvivi issue and use it as an excuse to commit crimes.

On Monday, 21-year-old Ng said he had been abducted by four suspects with the sole intent of extorting money from his family.

Hr claimed that his abductors had not said anything about him insulting Islam.

“My abductors scrawled the words ‘Saya hina agama Islam’ or ‘I have insulted Islam’ on my abdomen to prevent me from escaping,” he claimed.

Four youths have since been arrested by Klang police and remanded to facilitate investigations. – July 19, 2013


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