Cleaning up the electoral rolls is all talk, charges Ambiga

(TMI) – “Section 9 (A) of the Election Act should be removed to allow the court to scrutinise the rolls”

As far as election watchdog Bersih is concerned, nothing has changed.

Not even the statement by the Election Commission (EC) that a special committee was cleaning the electoral rolls and that periodic reports would be made public.

It still wants the current set of EC officials to step down.

Bersih co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan told The Malaysian Insider that the electoral body cannot be trusted to clean up the rolls.

“This is nothing new, they have been saying that they would clean up the electoral rolls for years and yet, we keep finding flaws.

“I don’t believe them. They are just not doing a thorough job,” she told The Malaysian Insider.

EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar had said that an internal committee was formed post-GE13 to clean up the electoral rolls to ensure the rolls for the next elections would be reliable and free from controversy.

Wan Ahmad had said EC officials from all states are working together to clean up the electoral rolls and the committee will issue a report this month and from time to time.

Ambiga, however, shot back saying that cleaning up the electoral rolls would involve “going to the ground to take a census”.

“We don’t see that happening.”

She, however, called on the EC to work on a suggestion made during the on-going Sabah Royal Commission of Inquiry to delete the current electoral roll and re-register voters.

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