How To Improve Your Face Using The Hair On It!

The New Man

Just as there are different styles of men’s jeans that are best suited to particular body types,  there are facial hair styles that look  best on certain face shapes. By altering your facial hair (and your hairstyle as well), you can seriously play up or de-emphasize the features on your face.  Celebrities, of course, have access to an army of pros to assist them in hiding  a multitude of flaws, helping them to create the best looks for their face shapes.
You, however,  can make the most of your looks with a little help from me. Here I will show you the facial hair styles that are most suited to five different face types. First, examine your facial  structure and identify the category you fall into; then, get your sharpest, most  effective razor ready to start grooming your way to a better-looking version of  yourself.

David Beckham - Credit:    Face  type: Square

Facial hair styles: Men…

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