Hardwell & Fedde Le Grand – Man of the Summer 2013

I have chosen these 2 DJs to be the Man of the Summer 2013.

Both have their own recording company.


Hardwell = Revealed Recording

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 8.45.49 PM

Fedde Le Grand = Flamingo Recording

Both astounded me with their producing, sound-engineering & DJ-ing skills.

Both of proteges signed to their recording company.

Both have lots of hits where I am so blown away.

This year, Hardwell made it BIG with Apollo ft Amba Shepherd. And all of sudden, every DJs want to collaborate with Amba Shepherd knowing the fact her vocal is amazing and fits well. Listen to it.

The next big hit which catapults him right up to the top spot, No.1 in the Beatport chart is his mix of Krewella’s Alive.

A few days later, I saw a BIG humongous match between that track with this track. I have to admit whether he mixes / produces, it’s a HIT!
This, with Dyro & awesome vocal by Bright Lights.

Never Say Goodbye

After that, every DJs just want to work with Dyro & Bright Lights ;D

Feddel Le Grand has always been my favourite starting from the BEST song he has made EVER!

Featuring Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It

Now, I prefer to delve into his brand new work.
Starting with Rockin’ & Rollin’.
He has very special taste for music that people don’t get it instantly. But, after a few weeks / month when they get it…it gets addictive!

Just released as well is a brand new track which Sultan & Ned Shepard and him brought back to life. No Goof For Me from them is quite a sensual one. Love it!

As well, he decided to include this track into his set during UMF Korea Live 2013. Biz of Satisfaction by Benny Benassi (Jewelz & Scott Sparks Bootleg). Another insane track in the mix & he did it well with his LIVE set. So blown away with his turntable skills.


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