Giving It All (Radio Edit) – Bondax


Bondax is back with a MAJOR hit that will last a life time.
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A real vibe of very sexy summer 2013.

Seems magical in this song to get one enchanted by this infectious hit.

It has some old school early 80’s disco feel meet Deep House and urban groove.

Bondax’s last track which was a MAJOR hit is GOLD. But this hit the nail on the head.

I’ve been hooked to this track for 1 week straight as I listened to it morning, afternoon, evening and night. Yet, it feels great. You could be singing to it down the street and I think people will feel the groove of this piece.

Perhaps, there is a spot for these 2 youngsters’ track to be an “ALL-TIME Track” that’ll last forever. Only 17 years old and they’ve put their creativity to very very good use. I have always have respect for kids who vision their future, plan, put the effort and creativity, and work hard. They are 1 of those special and talented ones.

If you’re interested to attend their Live Set, check out their fb & twitter page for tour dates.

I’m hoping that they’ll come down to KL, Malaysia soon.

What say you? Drop me a comment of your thoughts on this track.

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