Day 1 of 14 DAYS Fitness & Diet Challenge

Love the fact, I look tighter / slimmer in the video. Guess what they say about camera puts extra 10lbs on you is a myth!


This is the amount I’ve purchased to ensure I get my prepped meal done for this 1 week or more.

Purchased foods for 1 week +

DAY 1 prepped meals

How does it look like.

2 of Chicken BBQ sticks served with Brocolli & 150g mixed home-made-and-cooked sweet potato & potato fries top with some home-made-and-cooked vegetarian pasta sauce.

1 of Dory fish cooked with herbs and the same as above.

Refresh myself with coconut water & mashed slices of pineapple served in a jar. BEST taken on a hot sunny afternoon. That’s what I did ;D

Day 1 prepped meal

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