25 May 2013

I never thought today will be an amazing day for me despite some setbacks.

1. I was at KL Sessions Court in Jalan Duta in support of a University student Adam Adli who was charged with S4 Sedition Act. Unfortunately, most of us were barred from entering an Open Court session by reason of Court has filled its “capacity”. It’s really a bull shit as compared to Teoh Beng Hock’s case the public were allowed in although standing. Hence, all of us waited by the walkway. All of sudden, you have a gang of policemen came and guarded the Court’s door. These policemen doesn’t have serial numbers on their uniform. Drawing a resemblance here….as though they’re the Club’s BOUNCER. What an embarrassment to the nation! Policemen are paid by us yet they behave like gangster.

2. I felt blessed as I met and surrounded by people like Ambiga Sreenevasan, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Tony Pua, Gobind Singh Deo, Lau WengSan, Maria Chin Abdullah, Haris Ibrahim, The Head of ABU, Malik Imtiaz Sawar (Teoh Being Hock’s lawyer)and N.Surendran. Spoke to some of them and I felt flair, passion and light in their eyes, statement and presence. Totally inspiring at the same time.

3. On my way into the Court building, there were a row of policemen seated by the bus stop. They saw some of these people who wore tshirt which says Free Adam Adli, Bersih, UBAH, Reformasi, 505 & etc. They yelled “Bangsat / Traitor” at us. Stupidest thing about these policemen is the fact that they live on our tax-payer’s money…which mean mine & yours too. Yet, they do not curb or be careful of their words with us. Now it really does show us that policemen in Malaysia = Licenced Gangster. Wonder do they splash red paint at people’s house too…Coz that’s what gangster does!

4. Went to National Arkib to do research on a topic. Saw the newspaper article back in 1940-1970’s which portrays responsible journalism. There were statements made and respond was received and replied in an article. It’s not one-sided like how it is in Malaysia these days. Although they were in blacken and white printed, what excites me was the kind of article published. Plus, back in the days lots of Malaysian are not all ‘wrapped’ up regardless of religion or race. There were ads on topless club, pen pal etc in the NEWSPAPER! These days, u see nuts! Not as though it’s a big deal but it somehow made me thought that people of yesteryear are way liberalised, modern and open-minded as well compare to how those years is portrayed today.

5. Just received news that Tian Chua, Haris Ibrahim and Tamrin Ghafar has been arrested under Section 124B of the Penal Code and Section 4 of the Sedition Act. Thinking about how our country has progress can be illustrated with this mathematics equation.
4 jailed = 15 years step back into Authoritarianism a.k.a. Mahathirism

6. At night, listened to Teresa Kok, Lau Weng San, Rajiv, Lim Kit Siang, Tony Pua, Khalid Samad, National Laureate Pak Samad Said, Zaid Ibrahim, and Nurul Izzah Anwar giving speech. Amazing and inspirational.

Proud of myself on what was achieved in just 1 day although lack of sleep.


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