MP Puchong Gobind Singh was suspended for 1 year from Parliament.

This was the feedback video to my previous post. Speech by Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo @ SS2, PJ Utara on 20 April 2013.

1Q = what “such” privilege has the PM has when he is in the Parliament?
He may choose not to answer. To silent and eject an MP from Parliament when he exercises he right as an MP obviously attracts more question and doubts of Najib and Nazri [who tabled a motion to suspend Gobind for 1 year].

In Parliament is where questions are asked for reasons, clarification and justification. It’s a different story if it is asked out of Parliament. Nazri, the RAKYAT sakit kepala to have u in the Parliament and being a Minister in the PM’s dept.

There are needs to know as the PUBLIC demands an answer.

Gobind is doing what an MP is supposed to do.


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