ROS does not recognise DAP’s new leadership

Just two days to nomination day, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has sent a letter to DAP informing the party that its central executive committee (CEC) is not recognised.
According to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, the letter was faxed to the DAP headquarters at 5.45pm yesterday in very questionable circumstances.

“The letter said that the ROS does not recognise the CEC, but this letter addressed me as the secretary-general and saudara (brother),” he said.

Puzzling DAP leaders further is the fact that prior to receiving this letter, DAP organising secretary Anthony Loke received another letter at around noon yesterday, from an ROS officer agreeing that an inquiry into the party’s election would be postponed until May 9.

ROS is probing complaints about the party’s CEC election results following claims that there was a minor error resulting from a technical glitch.

‘DG gave me guarantee’

Lim told reporters that ROS director-general Abdul Rahman Othman had personally met him in his office in Penang on April 5, where the latter agreed to postpone the ‘routine’ investigations in view of the looming elections.

“Abdul Rahman personally guaranteed to me that he would not make any decision until investigations are complete and he obtains a full report from his investigator.

The meeting led to the first fax to Loke from the ROS compliance department, informing the investigation is postponed until May 9 – four days after the polls.

“Clearly the investigations are yet to be completed,” he said.

Following the second fax signed by the ROS director-general himself, Lim said Abdul Rahman who was previously accessible became unreachable. Several attempts by Malaysiakini to contact him so far have also failed.

‘Ridiculous allegation’

In addition, the second ROS fax claims that there were complaints from DAP grassroots that the party did not give at least 10 weeks notice ahead of the party elections as required by the party constitution and resulting in the absence of 753 delegates.

Lim said the claims were “ridiculous” and complained that ROS never raised the issue although it has been investigating the party for the past three months.

Nevertheless, Lim vowed that the party would soldier on – with its candidates under PKR and PAS’ tickets if need be – and challenge the suspension.

“I am very angry as the secretary-general. I want stress that I am the legitimate secretary-general who is elected by DAP delegates.

“No one can deny this fact, and so is the case with organising secretary, deputy chairperson and publicity secretary,” he said in a rare outburst.

He claims it is a sabotage to prevent the party from using its own party symbol ahead of the looming elections, and called for calm amongst the party’s supporters.

When asked if ROS’ decision is a setback for the party, Lim replied “We see this as a crisis, and behind every crisis is an opportunity.

“I think this is an opportunity to also let the people know how dirty BN is, that they are willing to do such underhand tactics to win without honour,” he said.

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