Very Sexy House Music April 2013 – Part 2

Moving into Part Deux of Very Sexy House Music April 2013.

When I first heard this from the umphhhhh vocal sound…give me 30 seconds and I’m freaking HOOKED to this.

Never get sick & tired with this.

This is like a major tech house & progressive mash into INSANITY!

I first heard this song roughly about late quarter of 2012 and I knew it was something….then weighing this with John Dahlback’s mix on this…I prefer the original mix.

Another killer on the dancefloor, beach house, beachside, pool parties and rooftop parties. POssibly everything ;D

This is definitely S&M and Sex on FIRE! Michael Woods never fails to tease your senses.

Although being released this year, but I really felt it was mostly in the mix of famous DJs in the live shows….that’s why I could remember the beats.

Hands DOWN! One of my favourite track for 1 month already ever since it was WILDLY used & launched at ULTRA Music Festival last month. Still loving it….Perhaps, 1 of the SONG of SUMMER 2013!!!!!!
He could possibly be the MAN of this Summer 2013!

I was waiting for the right mix for this track by Rudimental ft Ella Eyre and quite recently I bumped into it 2 weeks back.

The voice of Polina & touches of JIDAX in this piece is …..”I’m lost for words”

I think this could also be 1 of the BEST Song of Summer 2013!

Same goes to this…You’ll get so HOOKED by the lyrics and you’ll sing with that voice intonation. Super young talent = U know I have eyes & ears for all these young talents. They put amazing hardwork and talents into their work and amazing stuffs just happen!


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