My HUNDRED….Yes, my 100th post!

I was thinking to myself, Good Lord, what am I to write?


My 100th post!!!!!!!


Then I conceived an idea that yeah, despite some set back;


1. I’m still standing tall.

2. Taking chances.

3. Being focus in everything I do.

4. Lots of hard work & efforts.

5. Living & Eating healthy.

6. Still able to sneak some paaaaarrrrttttyyyyyyy time in between my very very very busy schedule.

7. Always having a positive mind.

8. Glad I’m still working out in the gym & very determined in spite of tight schedule.

I guess, all is well except, I should pray more often & go out to meet the right girl for me ;D


A few days back, I bumped into an amazing quote which states;

“A rational man knows that one does not live by means of luck, breaks or favours.”

So, leave nothing to chance and you can be sure to take what you deserve, through the hard work that you put it in.



P/S. To suck ups, shoe-polishers, back stabbers & negative people ;

Perhaps, the aforementioned are not a recipe to success for you as u know why you have that title ;D



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