Abs Exercise = Hanging Around The World

I really love this exercise so BADLY!

It’s insane. U can’t do much as so much of contraction and control that is required from the abs to be able to execute this exercise well.

You can see how 1 man who inspires me [Steve Cook] execute it from this video from 7:25 – 7:35 minute

After doing 5 reps, you’ll feel your sides & all of your abs are so “CRUNCHED” up.


However said, it’s NOT EASY for beginners.

This abs exercise is for Advance level workout.

If you’re well determine to do this, I really reckon you start easy with

This will get your abdominals ready like a steel. To execute it, watch how Real World Alumni Scott Herman conducts it.

If you’re ready for Intermediate level, just extend your legs by pointing the toes, and make sure that the toes touches the top bar that you’re hanging on.

Do the Hanging leg raises for 3-4 sets at a 10-12 reps.


Give them a try & tell me how’s it like.


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