GUNZ Workout today 13 March 2013.

Woke up early in the morning to workout and yes, it feels so good.

I have not been doing an ALL arm workout for a very long time. Thought I should switch things up a little than having to stay in the plateau stage.

What I love the most of an arm workout is definitely this;

Barbell Curl_3

Barbell curl is definitely the crazy arse biceps workout. I believe everyone included that into their gunz workout. But, have they focus on form and posture? Also, have switched things up with grips and added weights? All of these affect the quality of your workout.

However, due to time constrain, I didn’t manage to this;


Guess I’ll make it up and throw in some good few sets of this and next week GUNZ gonna be EXTREMELY swoll.

Gotta say, I’m very inspired by Steve Cook. It’s great to have someone who inspires you to push your limit as there is NO LIMIT!
U just gotta find other measures, way or tips to include them into your workout, be focus, persevere and put your all.

Gonna be SWOLL like a SWOLDIER GOD.


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