Very Sexy House Music March 2013

I have a list of over 50 songs to share with y’all.
It’s crazy how 1 month can really make a difference in the number of music I found a MUST to share & spin them onto your playlist.

At this point, looking at how much I could come out with, I don’t think I need to write anything about the song.

LOVE them all!

DJ Laidback Luke is GREAT but I hated the fact that 1 of the person who uses Laidback Luke’s song came out with cheapskate & lousy dance choreography. If it wasn’t major money spent on A&P to convince people that they’re dancing, I think his image is definitely down the drain. It just doesn’t justify how good Laidback Luke’s music produced is.

The moment I heard this song, I knew this could be 1 of the BEST Song this Summer 2013. Wonder why these Trance DJ venturing into Progressive & Electro House. Either way, good music won’t stop me!

I waited for this song since last year circa October / November 2012.

Gonna get a little side track to Trance as this is just an ease to the ear.

No Arty, No Party.

Get really floaty with this at first & then u start to groove to the beat. Easy peasy, smoozy chocolaty. A lil funk injected in.

I’m not a fan of Avicii but I hope this would not be that ANNOYING as LEVELS has been. If it isn’t, I would say YES to this track.

Cruising down town with this track. It gets very Sexy with the female vocal telling you “We want tonight, we keep holding tight.”

Cedric Gervais took a very different path with this track. But it’s well worth to spend some time on this. Very refreshing & unique experience within the extra beat that keeps teasing your ear.

Another swing of House journey. Very exciting flavours.

I was never a fan of Ferry Corsten till this came into my list & it just exploded as I find myself dancing on the street and people stop, watch, laughing and just groove with the beat that I have immerse myself into. Gosh! Dance = Amazing. Jesse Voorn definitely nailed this.

I believe this will be a heavy rotator. 1 of the BEST Song of the Summer 2013. Get your hands up & rave!

Cedric Gervais killes us with Molly back in 2012. What else can he not do in 2013?

I used to call this guy the Man of Summer 2013 {Nicky Romero} because of his handwork and talent. Never stop producing good music to get the ears excited & people falling in love with his music. I still love his work.

A heavy banger. None other than Marcel Woods himself.

Massively Insane flute work in this piece. I was happy to hear how it was put together as the main instrument for an Electro house music. Dannic’s edit is a KILLER.

Rules of DADA! Yes, boys like a lil danger, girls fall for a stranger & love to sing to us la-la-la-love-U.
LOVE DADA LIFE every time!

Tone it down but strike it up with the real HOUSE vibe.

Amba is back again 2nd time in this March’s list. After making a big hit with Hardwell in the track Apollo, she provided vocal for Starkillers’ Let the Love & now working alongside Mikkas for an Electro banger with Finally!

Paul Oakenfold is definitely back with a killer track this Summer 2013. I believe this could possibly be 1 of his secret weapon as the vocal from Daphne really helped Project 46 & him to nail this track.

I’m NOT a fan of Rihanna. But this guy who remix her song made it to my ear & a HIT! U know why? He’s Cedric Gervais’s sound engineer. When I first heard this song, I was thinking…DAMN Cedric Gervais gonna be steam-rolling this Summer like a KING. Then, I found out it was Carlos Cid who has been working alongside for a long time. A force to be reckon, I would say.

What is Showtek without LOUD Sound of the Synthesizer?

Again Showtek is killing it. This time with Bassjackers. I’m talking about Dancefloor killer track.

If I made you love me. Moon Boots, how can I not love your work & groove?

Heard this song for 2 months & knew it was a hit but thought it would’ve been out earlier. Guess again, they’re really going for the bucks when Summer party begins ;D

Signed to Level record. & that’s why I thought it was Avicii who produced it. But the name of artiste was different. Still, I would say 1 of the Sound of Summer 2013.

Love the rap part. Edgy & lots of attitude.

Another of Nicky Romero’s touch.

Not many get this. But after 2 weeks. Trust me…u’ll be addicted to this.

Miike Snow’s work has always been a very good ground to start remix work. His music has been remix by lots of DJs but only a handful stands out. This is 1 of it.

A lil vocal House. Oliver Nelson’s remix, gives it a deep House meets Disco & Vocal. Crazy concoction. I still love this groove.

Heard this 1 month ago. Thought this should possibly be 1 of the sound of Summer 2013 too.

I dare you to drive with this song! Hahaha! Smooth ride baby.

Zedd killed last year with Spectrum (extended remix). Here he is with another killer mix done by eSQUIRE.

Chillax with the sound from Moon Boots – Sugar


I’ve always have the eyes and ears for brand new & young talented producers & DJs.

Here are some of them;

1. Martin Garrix

This is him working in hand with Sidney Samson. Awesome sound.

2. Dean Cohen [an Isreaeli…definitely a Jew…very talented. Here are some of his work & I’m very certain people will fall in love with his work. Quality measures.
He could possibly be the Man of this Summer 2013. Looking at his work and quality music produced, remix / edit.

3. Walden [I introduced him in my list last year as he is at a tender age of 16 and yet he’s back with a MAJOR hit to make u fall in love]

4. Vince Moogin

5. Wankelmut [Young age, studying in Germany]
If you’ve heard his remix of 1 day & fell in love with it.
Be sure to fall in love with this. Even the legendary Pete Tong featured him!!!!!!!!!

6. Jacob Plant
Like how Pete Tong describe his work as “Puts a smile on your face”


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