Swoldier Nation – Trainer Edition – Chest Brahhhh.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to take this challenge and really increase my weights for bench press.

There are some good tips mentioned by Steve which I could make good use of it.

But when it comes to chest there are some guys in particular that I would like to achieve that level of physique.

Bilsen Begovic la foto

Stefan Florin-Cosovanu
Stefan-Florin Cosovanu

Domenic Mazzella
Domenic Mazzella by Jorge Freire

Domenic Mazella by Jorge Freire2

Let’s jump into the real work as to what it’s going to happen tomorrow morning.

So, let’s see gonna happen this time.

Give it a try yourself!


Pet Project Malaysia 2013

This is kinda late for a posting.

Pet Project 2013 is an awesome project where people get ACTIVE in raising funds & awareness to help save animals.

Sabrina, the Director of Pet Project Malaysia 2013 has been very kind to bring this project back and nurture more talents this year to raise more funds to support a very good cause.

Funds raised are directly donated and divided to the participating NGOs.

There were so MANY talents who have astounded the public. Thanks to Sabrina for training them. It’s awesome to see real talents who still captured the principle of dance. They certainly did dance with soul and emotion in their movements.

Try to google search “CHIQAZ” & watch their dance videos, if there is.
A few girls in this team caught my attention the 1st time when I met them. I can’t help but had to spill it to Sabrina that she should be so proud of her girls as I saw dance with attitude, soul and emotion. They’re really giving their A-Game to the dancefloor. This is TALENT! My only wish for them is to complete their education & if they plan to pursue performing arts as a career, they SHOULD!

On a side note;
1 – Ning Baizura sang her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Bahasa Malaysia entitle “Pelangi Untukmu”. Before she went up to stage, she told me that she wrote the song for her 1 month old baby. With Sabrina and 1 young talent dancing a Lyrical Contemporary to her song, it all just blew the crowd off!!!!!

2 – Former Ms World Malaysia 2009, Thanuja Ananthan turned up in support of this great cause too. And, she loves her lil emcees…..Gosh, I’m such proud daddy for these emcees. ;D LOLOLOLLLLL

Well, I am involve in Pet Project as I guide the Lil Emcees to be the Master of Ceremonies.

It was really a great experience for me. I don’t know if I could pull it as I don’t know these kids before hand.

While preparing the lil emcees’ scripts, I had a lot in mind with exciting plans. But I had to reduce it to cater to emcees of that tender age.

Fast forward – I have to say, I was so IMPRESSED by the lil emcees.
Whatever u want from them…just name it;
1 – Heartbreaker
2 – Crowd puller
3 – Good reader
4 – Awesome Personality
5 – Varieties of action
6 – Change of voice tone to suit scripts and circumstances
7 – Charmers


They certainly brought their VERY BEST and I’m so honoured to have the opportunity to work with them.

Even 1 of the world’s best Choreographer, Dancer and Director Mr. Tony Stone enjoyed himself in this event and I believe he shares the same thoughts about these kids who have put so much despite having not much time.

Salute to them!

Here are some photos.













And here are some of my favourites. It’s easy to guess who are my favourites from these photos. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL







Do catch some other photos and videos from the sources below.

Pictures from ;
1. Sabrina Saw
2. Dustyhawk @ http://dustyhawk.net/personal/project-malaysia-2/

Swoldier Nation – Trainer Edition – Back

So I have done Legs and Shoulder according to directions in the videos.

I tried the back workout.

My honest opinion = It’s a great start for those who are beginning to workout.

Also, it is a guidance to those who have been working out for a very long time and sometimes, we just need a quick check / reassessment by ourselves if what we did after all these years are correct.

Give it try people, coz I did.

Respond to Swoldier Nation – Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg’s Day

So, this is my experience respond to my previous post in taking the challenge of an insane leg’s workout base on Steve Cook’s Swoldier Nation Trainer’s Edition Legs Workout.

Refer : https://rshanesoonongee.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/swoldier-nation-friends-dont-let-friends-skip-legs-day/


I swear to God, I really need an escalator / lift!

Stairs & toilet W.C. are no friends to me.


The workout is gruelsome.  

Best part of it :

Insane Legs Workout = Insane Natural Testosterone booster generated from your own body!


Coz I technically slept more than 10 hours and I really felt the reduction of lactic acid effect from the shoulder workout I had on Friday.

Meaning, Swoldier Shoulders Boulders!!!!!!

So, try it on your own & let’s see how’s your experience will be. 

Swoldier Nation – Friends Don’t Let Friends skip Leg’s Day

So, you know 1 of my fitness inspiration is Steve Cook.


Well, there are some challenges which I would like to face & experience it in that, I know I have taken chances & never think of “what if”.

Coming this summer, I would really love to have BIG quads, hamstring and calfs. That’s why I’ve been very focus with my legs workout & tried not to miss it every week. Also, to add on some polishing legs workout routine after a total 1 day of massive heavy weights legs workout.

And here I am, giving a try on this;

I will certainly keep an update on then outcome. Trying to make Leg’s Day as my favourite. It’s a killer, but don’t u just love something that hurts so much but feels so good.

“Effort is only you know how much you’re giving”
~Steve Cook~

My HUNDRED….Yes, my 100th post!

I was thinking to myself, Good Lord, what am I to write?


My 100th post!!!!!!!


Then I conceived an idea that yeah, despite some set back;


1. I’m still standing tall.

2. Taking chances.

3. Being focus in everything I do.

4. Lots of hard work & efforts.

5. Living & Eating healthy.

6. Still able to sneak some paaaaarrrrttttyyyyyyy time in between my very very very busy schedule.

7. Always having a positive mind.

8. Glad I’m still working out in the gym & very determined in spite of tight schedule.

I guess, all is well except, I should pray more often & go out to meet the right girl for me ;D


A few days back, I bumped into an amazing quote which states;

“A rational man knows that one does not live by means of luck, breaks or favours.”

So, leave nothing to chance and you can be sure to take what you deserve, through the hard work that you put it in.



P/S. To suck ups, shoe-polishers, back stabbers & negative people ;

Perhaps, the aforementioned are not a recipe to success for you as u know why you have that title ;D