Dreaming with a broken heart

Another 1 of my favourite dance videos.

This song has been in my playlist for a very & I mean VERY long time.

Always loved this…Real passion.

The storyline is amazing, setup of lighting, emotions, commitment, and I’m really blown by this.

Tell me how it feels for you.


Very Sexy House Music February 2013

Sorry that it took me awhile as my previous comp died on me.

Good news = I on MACBOOK PRO!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO…..Buya-shaka!

All revved up for the New Year! February is the month of Chinese New Year for the Chinese to celebrate. I’m Chinese too. WOOHOOO! Celebration! Also, music wise, it’s the month where all producers and DJs coming out with lots of records and singles preparing for Summer 2013. Very exciting flavours coming out from their work. Hit after hit, generating more $$$$$. I love listening to their work and share their music with avid House music lovers.

Let’s get it ON!

I have to feature this again. ADDICTIVE.

DIE FOR A NIGHT LIKE THIS [CLUB MIX] – Laidback Luke & Angger Dimas ft Polina

I heard this 2 months back and I got hooked up on the 1st chorus. It just keep getting better every time.


I have always been a fan of Sultan & Ned Shepard’s work. They have this magical touch. Don’t believe me? Think Call My Name ft Nadia Ali, Walls ft Quilla, Somebody to Love [Third Party remix]….any more doubts?????


Again, I have to repeat this. It’s pure LOVE!


Another House music that remains fresh although being a heavy rotator in my playlist. I have to say Wankelmut is a very young & talented German kid! Even a kid can come out & remix such tune to SuperFINE. Pure Talent!

One Day – Asaf Avidan [Wankelmut remix]

The vocal that’s in this song is just INSANE! Also, Danny Avila….turning 18 this year has carved himself a name to be reckon in this EDM industry. Talents these days are getting younger and younger when it comes to Electro / Progressive House music.

The Sick Individuals hit the right note on this song with their remix.


I have been “fishing” around for the right remix for this song as the moment I heard the original mix, I felt there are so much of room to remix it. Until I met this work by R3hab & Hard Rock Sofa… LOVE!

Best part = the rap part!


I bumped into this tune 3 weeks back and I told myself, YES, this is right! I tell you, NICKY ROMERO!!!!!! He hits the song to a HOME RUN…EVERY TIME! For me, He was the man of Summer 2012…let’s see any one else could replace that spot this year! Hard working and talented producers are really in need.

REST OF MY LIFE [NICKY ROMERO REMIX] – Ludacris ft Usher & David Guetta

Chill to the House tune. There is the “old-school” groove in it.
dOP feat. PillowTalk – Your Feelin’ (Soul Button Remix)

This song is MENTAL! I can technically see my boys, especially Christoph & George getting psycho over this tune.

Sander van Doorn – Joyenergizer

There’s a mystical moment in this song and then it hit straight into the “cruising down town” mode.

Sydney Blu & Damaged Goods – Whiplash (Orignal Mix)

Now, this is slightly flirty but when it comes to dance choreography…it ease into the 8-counts tune easily. Then again, I’ve always love Sultan & Ned Shepard work.

Tegan & Sara – Closer (Sultan & Ned Shepard remix)

Get yourself enticed by this.
Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman feat. Jonny Rose – Pieces Of Light (Henrix Remix)

BEST Red Velvet Cupcake in KL!

Recently, the red velvet cupcakes have been a BIG hit everywhere on earth. I didn’t know why people went “Ga-Ga” about it. I just thought, it is a cupcake. Like every man, you just eat the cake to give you more calories or fats to build muscles.

I did my research on the best red velvet cupcakes available in KL, Malaysia and I have undergone the “test-try” session at my own expenditure. It took me 2 months. Suffice to say, I have tried most of the BIG names and I only managed to nail it THE ONE yesterday.

Here are some that might be convenient to you. No doubt they’re great but there are so much to taste, feel and think when I’ve test tried them all.

Firstly, I started with Bisou Cupcake. About RM5.50 / 6.50 per cupcake.

Bisou Cupcake Red Velvet

It was alright. 1 thing that is weird, the cake is not red…instead it’s maroon-brown like. Taste wise = it was alright for me but not what I would resort to satisfy my tastebud.

Secondly, I went to Cupcake Chic located in Sunway Pyramid new wing. If I’m not mistaken, it is about RM5.50 per cupcake. I felt the cream cheese topping melt easily (placed on the table in less than 5 minutes). The cream cheese is great (minus the red sugar sprinkles)! They nailed it. However said, I move to the cake. It was better than Bisou but I wasn’t satisfied. I couldn’t find that chemistry between the texture of their red velvet cupcake with the cream cheese topping. At one point, I felt the red sugar sprinkles that they used made the topping overly sweet. I had to drink more warm water to wash down the sweetness from my throat & tastebuds.


Thirdly, I went to Wondermilk (Damansara uptown) to try their Red Velvet Cupcake that was well publicised commercially on TV and ads. It was a good impression for their promo set by the A&P of their business team. My thoughts about their cupcake = TOO stiff for a cupcake. Presentation wise, it looks “cute for the girls” but taste wise….total flop for me. I’m paying RM4.50 for a tiny little cupcake. What a waste! No quality at all. I’m disappointed.



The 1 beside red velvet is a Rainbow Cupcake = I would describe the same.

Then, it reminded me of how those Malay food entrepreneurs / cooks who sell Nasi Lemak around my housing area. Some of them are great but most of them are …. “average”. But 1 common thing they have, small quantity given but selling at a high price. Same goes to some of the Malay restaurants…imagine on your plate, you take 1 chicken, 1 scoop of vegetable and 1 scoop of squids and the price can go between RM8 – RM15. If it’s a Chinese restaurant (economy rice section), you’ll pay the most RM 7 – RM10. If it’s a Nasi Kandar mamak’s = they’ll charge up to RM 30. If it’s an Indian restaurant…you’ll have to avoid taking fish at all cost! Coz, they’ll charge you as though fishes are scarce in the world.

Moving on, I need to treat myself to a better Red Velvet Cupcake experience….I was thinking to myself, “What are the possibility to bump into one? Would I be let down again?” I remembered I requested from my brahh “Chinese Würst” to buy me a red velvet cupcake from Just Heavenly in Bangsar Shopping Centre as he lives in One Merenung (yeah, that million dollar condominium adjacent to BSC). I went there yesterday and asked for 1. It was about RM8.40 which I don’t mind as long as it taste good.

A lady sat next to me was eavesdropping my conversation with my brahhh. She stopped and told me…no matter what that was her best & she’ll never go anywhere else. I was amazed that she could put her assurance to the quality that I’m about to taste from that Red Velvet Cupcake. There goes my fork incised into the cupcake and into my mouth with the cream cheese topping.

The cream cheese topping was as though it is made for the King! The taste was light, fluffy and not very sweet. It was a Just Perfect!

The cake is red = GOOD!
The Taste of the cake = soft, moist, light and delicious.
Presentation wise = Made for Kings!!!! It projects a picturesque of exquisite, unique, warm in the heart and awesome.




They do have the Red Velvet full cake as well. I was told, they’re EQUALLY Just Heavenly. Now I know what they meant by such phrase.


I would put my bet on this! It’s JUST HEAVENLY!

The critics are of mine alone. It may differ from others.
If you’ve tried others and you think others are better, leave me a note on this.

Armani Exchange Spring & Summer 2013 ads.

Marlon Teixeira, Alejandra Alonso, Miguel Iglesias, Alexander Van Ballaer and Camila Queiroz, the Spring & Summer 2013 campaign photographed by Matthew Scrivens for Armani Exchange.













I LOVE SUMMER style!!!!!! It’s definitely for me.

Lots of inspiration I can get from this campaign. Interesting flavours of colours, design and style. I’m hoping to get tan very very VERYYYYYY soon. ;D








Pictures courtesy of fashionisto.com