Versace FW 2013

This season’s collection is amazing. I just fell in love with a lot of the design. If I have the $$$$$$$ I would probably wear like those models do.

What shocked me a lil about this collection is….I could see those big pants back in the hip-hop & pop 80’s made a comeback. I was thinking to myself…I would never wear it. Then, I thought to myself, wait a minute, I could probably mix things up & still look damn good in it.

Here are some of the combination from the collection that attracted me.









And here are some of my personal FAVOURITES from this collection.


There’s just something about the suits’ material which caught my attention. The fabric used and how it matches up the runway and the lighting.


Looks like a hip hop come pop crew outfits. It looks militarily masculine in that whole set. Even if U mix and match it = whatever the outcome is, I’m sure it is awesome!




1 phrase describe it all : LIKE A BOSS!
I have a crush for fur coats & I totally LOVE them ALL the way!!!!!


No matter how Italian Versace is, they always reinterpret the Italian Mafia look to fit the future.


It look really MUSKY-SUAVE in a primal way. It’s definitely bringing out the real man’s innate on how we are to tailor for the fashion and eyes of the women.


This whole combination just work for me….I don’t know why…but HELL YEAH to this combination. In particular, I do have a crush for brown fashionable shoes. It completes a man in any outfit he wears.


Again! Love the black fur coat. Seems to me that 2013 FW would be the moment where men around the world starts wearing lace underwear. it could be a new definition of sexy but I don’t think a man like will don it through out all phases but perhaps on unique moment with the right girl, settings, ambience, scent and emotion…. everything will be perfection.


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