Legs burnout workout

I had an insane idea for leg’s workout. This can be placed at the END of the leg’s session.

Coz I’m working hard to regain my leg size to this;


Tried it & BURNED!!!!

Spinning session.




It is important to maintain form and posture during an indoor cycling class. Indoor cycling simulates riding a road or racing bike outdoors. The rules of form and posture follow those for a real bike and serve to protect the lower back from strain particularly when performing indoor standing sequences. To protect the lower back, firm the core, or abdominals, by drawing the navel toward the spine. This causes the lower back to round slightly. Shift weight over the feet rather than placing it on the hands and handlebars. Additionally, adjust the resistance knob to support your weight while standing. Without resistance, the flywheel can cause the indoor cyclist to lose balance and fall forward onto the handlebars or to the side and off the bike.

Sources : livestrong.com

Photos : bodybuilding.com


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