Query finally answered

I was excited to watch another Brazillian bombshell Lais Ribeiro for this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012. I was dismay when I did not see her photos… thinking….what on earth happened? Thought she was a signed Angel already? How come she did not walk the runway this year?

After doing some research, this was what I discovered;

What happened was, she sprained her ankle during rehearsal. That’s why she didn’t walk the runway for this year’s show.

And so;
1 – Behati Prinsloo replaced her for this outfit set.


I didn’t think Behati nailed this outfit. It just doesn’t have the synergy, connection, chemistry & ability to own up this whole set of outfit. It’s obvious why during casting & test try that this set was catered & tailored for Lais.

Plus, when Behati opened this section, it wasn’t that enchanting & I honestly do not think she played the role well as how it was supposed to be. Bear in mind the section is named “Dangerous Liaisons” for a good reason.

2- Shanina Shaik was chosen to replace the second set of outfit.


She did a good job to replace Lais with such a short notice. What’s amazing is when I look at the set of outfit & considered the stage set up, lighting & colours, I can concur that she knows how to play her role well in the section “Angels in Bloom”. I’m also attracted to her all of sudden.

However, this was what I found;


Unfortunately, she’s already taken by supermodel Tyson Beckford (Sean John main man runway model).

Info source: Made in Brazil blog


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