Very Sexy New House Music – November

1 more month and it’ll be a wrap up for the year 2012.

Welcome to this month of November’s Very Sexy New House music;

1- What a starter for the month. It feels like you’re having a headphone listening to this track & ready to dance. Totally driven by soul in search of the LIGHTS. Sensational kick up on the drum beat. [Steve Angello & Third Party]

Headphone ON!

2 – Electro meets Progressive House….let it all begin. If you find yourself touching and caressing your hair, head, neck, ear, lips, chest and body…’s the music. ;D Put your hands up, rave & DANCE! Truly an emotional drive in this piece. Starkillers & Richard Beynon feat. Natalie Peris – What does tomorrow bring.[extended mix]

3 – Funky Vocal House. Looking forward for the weekends. An AWESOME branch out of their usual genre by Sultan & Ned Shepard. Very Mykonos & Santorini beach party scene. Dave Aude ft Luciana – Something For The Weekend (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

4 – The vibe of Showtek & young talented DJ/producer Justin Prime hitting the beat dramatically & up the notch! Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Original Mix)

5 – Bump into this new single from a new DJ and it caught my ear…Hero – Romeo Blanco [ out on cr2 records]

6 – Another of Miike Snow remix & this time by Deniz Koyu. It’s like a breath of fresh air that brought you back to life just to live & dance. very emotional & he hit the right note at the right time. Miike Snow – Pretender {Deniz Koyu remix]

7 – Dyro’s work made Iron [Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris] a banger & our hearts will never be the same again.

8 – Bringing back the good ol’ Disco Funky House…U know it! Time to PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYYYYYYY Richard Grey & Sebastien Drums – It’s Time To Party Now (Original Mix)

9 – Everytime there’s an awesome Big Room Mix, it get’s you jump on your feet, emotionally dancing and singing. What a a celebration. Feel good time.
Even though it hurts I can’t slow down,
Walls are closing in and I hit the ground,
With there’s no tomorrow echo in my mind
Just one last time.

10 – Tribal, Aborigine vibe & electro. What a smorgasbord?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Boomnita – Filip Le Frick

11 – Madness when you have Dimitri Vegas & like Mike. This time teaming up with a talented DJ Coone & Lil Jon will say YYYEEERRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Take it to the top.

12 – Dannic’s magical touch convert a Trance music piece into Progressive House. Injected it with heavy Electro House banger with the voice of Nadia Ali….perfection! Arty, Nadia Ali & BT – Must Be The Love (Dannic Remix)

13 – a Trance DJ making his touch in electro House. You’ll end up playing this on repeat & start singing….coz that’s what I did. ;D

Oh, I had a feeling that it might come to this,
I,I,I,I,I saw it in your eyes
I felt it when we kissed
Oh, something inside said
warning, warning, warning there’s danger ahead,
Better watch where you’re going
This one’s different
proceed with caution
enter at your own risk (own risk)

I knew how this would end
Still I let it begin
I’m just another fool that rushed in
You left me in the dust
Just another prisoner of your lust
you felt like water through my hands
too slippery to grab
like a castle on the sand that washed away
was it something that I said?
Didn’t give you enough attention?
what made you run from me?

Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell and Jonathan Mendelsohn – Where Did You [Tom Fall Remix]

14 – Ocarina – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Wolfpack -> How mad can this be…featuring the madness DV & LM again?????

15 – Kill The Buzz – Party Hard (Original Mix)

16 – I have featured this young 16 years old talented DJ & he’s BACK with another awesome single that never stop to tease your brain, ear & emotion. Walden – Our Beginning (Original Mix)

17 – How can I not have Tommy Trash’s remix of this song? Just the synthesizer sort it & sealed the deal. Blissful party!

18 – Richard Grey & Robbie Rivera – This Is How You Do It (Original Mix)

19 – Another twitch in the deep house zone! Leon Bolier & Alex Kenji – Trumpets (Original Mix)

20 – I’m not a fan of dubstep but this work. Nero – Won’t You (Be There)


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