October 2012 Very Sexy House Music

WOW!!!! It’s October of 2012!!!

What other Very Sexy way to celebrate the start of OCTOBEER month!

1st up, something to warm up with this piece I found;

2 – We certainly need Somebody to Love. The THIRD PARTY remix totally nailed it!!!! The vibe is totally awesome as you get the flirt and retraction and by the end it was a total euphoria from the synthesizers & beat.

3 – 1 word describe it all – YEAH!!!!

4 – I Saw This Before (Original Mix) – Chris Lake & John Dahlback…Awesome stuff when you put a Brit & Swedish to create an insane track!

5 – 1,1,2,3, you know L-L-O-V-E…4,4,5,6 I know how to get that kick…waiting for the remix….

6 – This is basically 1 of the best remix I heard of this song Feed the Dada. Dyro really kill it….previously with {Top of the World with Ansol] …now….u’ll be dead after listening to this.

7 – The vocal of Julie McKnight really seal this song…She did it previousy with How soon is now….& I think…so soon….& yes we need great sound & vocalist!

8 – Awesome track again from 1 of my favourite producer doing his remix workkkkk

9 – When I first saw Ian Carey’s name on this remix…I thought to myself…not another commercial House?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Then, after listening to it…. I say yeah, why not!
Do check out Mobin Master’s In My House remix….it’s another awesome work from this talented producer.

10 – Hardwell is already AWESOME….Dannic IN with this???????? It’s just pure LOVE and real ELECTRO banger.

11 – Love how these Deep House vibe gets into your soul groovin’ to it



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